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Elias Ashooh is a junior at Providence College majoring in Public Service and is a Resident Assistant for first-year students. He is the Chapter Leader of the College Diabetes Network (CDN) at Providence, and when he isn't giving insulin shots, he is playing on the Club Ultimate Frisbee team or learning about presidential history.

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    First break home, freshman year

    12 December 2017

    While college is definitely a fun time, all college students probably look forward to their first break home. There are a lot of benefits of being home: a break from classes, seeing friends, spending time with parents (admit it, you missed your Mom), home cooking, showering without flip flops; the list goes on and on. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) shouldn’t get in the way of your recharging time at home. However, after some time away, a refresher on returning home with T1D is always helpful.

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