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Hope Sirimis is a junior enrolled in an undergraduate program at The College of New Jersey. She is a double major in English and Communications with a specialization in Public and Mass studies. Hope was a part of Novo Nordisk’s Early Talent Internship program for two years and placed each year in the Innovation in Action competition. She was hired by The College of New Jersey’s student affairs office as the Health and Wellness Peer Educator. Hope is able to continue her passion for health initiatives by conducting outreach programs on campus and launching social marketing campaigns.

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    The Intern Perspective

    07 February 2018

    Summer will be here before we know it; as such, we are gearing up for Novo Nordisk Inc.’s 2018 Early Talent Summer Internship Program. Read below to learn more about the program through the experiences of Hope Sirimis, 2017 summer intern.

    There’s a special feeling that comes with the first day of a new job. Besides the outfit you pick out the day before, nothing is certain about what lies ahead.

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