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Kristal Hartman has been living with the disease of obesity since childhood. She works as a Novo Nordisk Inc. Obesity Care Specialist in the state of Oregon. Her calling in life is helping others also battling this disease, as she knows how overwhelming, complicated and lonely living with obesity can be. Her true passion is obesity disease education for patients and health care providers and fighting for patient access to respectful and complete medical care, and she is dedicating her life to these endeavors. She is an active member of leading patient organization Obesity Action Coalition and proudly serves as a Novo Nordisk National obesity patient ambassador.

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    I don’t want other patients to go through this

    16 November 2017

    If you ever want your voice to be heard, spend a day on Capitol Hill advocating for an issue near and dear to your heart.  That is exactly what I was able to do during a recent “Day on the Hill” organized by my employer Novo Nordisk. Feeling empowered to sit in front of members of Congress or their staff and have them focus entirely on what you are advocating for is incredibly fulfilling. This was my third time visiting members of Congress and/or their staff to ask for co-sponsorship of the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act and the National Obesity Care Week Resolution.

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