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American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists 
- An organization dedicated to serving the interests of endocrine patients and the doctors that treat them.

American Association of Diabetes Educators
- A multidisciplinary organization of healthcare professionals who provide selfmanagement education to people with diabetes.

American Diabetes Association
- A resource center for Americans with Diabetes.

Diabetes Resource Center
- A site designed for professionals in the treatment of diabetes, this center offers many resources,including an extensive image bank and abstract database.

Your Total Health
- An online resource from iVillage that informs you about tests, treatment and diabetes prevention.

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International

Children with DIABETES™
- An online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes.

- Duane Reade Pharmacies link to Keeping Well With Diabetes.

- Rite Aid for Diabetes Management.

- An Internet resource for pump users.