Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States


The Novo Nordisk history is full of firsts, in both diabetes care and biopharmaceuticals. In diabetes care, our firsts include:

  • the first hospital dedicated exclusively to diabetes care
  • the first long-acting insulin (NPH)
  • the first insulin analog products
  • the first purified insulin
  • the first insulin pen delivery system
  • the first meglitinide oral antidiabetic agent
  • the first delivery system with a memory, and the first combined blood glucose monitoring and insulin dosing system
  • the first insulin pen enhanced with a colorful design for children and teenagers
  • and the first insulin analog approved for pump therapy.

We are also proud of being the first company to develop pituitary growth hormone (p-hGH), the first to develop biosynthetic human growth hormone (b-hGH) using recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology, and the first to sponsor a controlled study of daily subcutaneous growth hormone injections (versus intramuscular injections given three times a week).