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Patient Assistance - Hemostasis / Bleeding Disorders


Product assistance for people with hemophilia A or B with inhibitors

Our goal is to ensure that every person with an inhibitor or FVII deficiency can get the treatment they need when they need it. SevenASSISTSM may provide factor assistance for those with hemophilia A or B with inhibitors, congenital Factor VII deficiency, and acquired hemophilia.

Lack of insurance coverage should not prevent you from receiving the factor you need. SevenASSISTSM may be able to help you get up to 6 months or 300 mg of NovoSeven® RT (Coagulation Factor VII [Recombinant] Room Temperature Stable) free of charge.  If you:

  • Lose or have no insurance coverage, or
  • Are within $50,000 of your lifetime cap

You may qualify for up to 6 months or 300 mg of NovoSeven® RT  FREE OF CHARGE as you find additional coverage. No coupons or certificates are necessary.

For more information or to apply, simply call 877-NOVO-777 (877-668-6777) or complete and return the SevenSECURE® application.

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Financial assistance for people with hemophilia and inhibitors

SevenSECURE® is a comprehensive patient program created just for people with hemophilia A or B with inhibitors, acquired hemophilia, or congenital Factor VII deficiency to address the needs that go beyond providing factor. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to important services.

We understand that you face many challenges. We also know a that little support can go a long way to providing you with peace of mind.

SevenSECURE® offers help in three key areas:

Signing up is easy

Joining SevenSECURE®  is easier than ever. Now there's just one form to fill out for you to be added to all our programs. Take these easy steps:

  • Fill out the SevenSECURE® application
  • Per the application, have your diagnosis verified with a physician signature
  • Fax in your application: 1-800-826-6993

Due to government privacy laws, you cannot sign up over the phone.

Once you join, the staff at SevenSECURE® will contact you. We'll work together to see how we can help.

We hope to be of assistance to you and your family. If you ever have any questions, please call 1-877-NOVO-777 (1-877-668-6777) toll free.

Your privacy comes first
SevenSECURE® is completely confidential. The program is supported by Novo Nordisk and operated by third-party administrators. Our administrators keep your information 100% confidential.SevenSECURE® will not share any private information unless permission is granted in writing by the patient or the patient’s legal guardian. Those who enroll in SevenSECURE® may choose to share their contact information with Novo Nordisk in order to receive educational information.


When you join SevenSECURE® and ask for insurance help, we start by reviewing your medical coverage. Once we understand your current coverage situation, we can help you with areas of concern, including:

  • Appealing denials of coverage
  • Getting reimbursement
  • Providing letters of medical necessity
  • Answering claims questions
  • Providing information when necessary
  • Assisting with insurance premiums

We'll make sure you get the most out of your insurance and we'll help you stay covered.

I nsurance premiums can cost a lot of money. With SevenSECURE®, you may qualify for help in paying for those premiums.

For people with hemophilia with inhibitors or acquired hemophilia, SevenSECURE® supports an exclusive premium assistance program. To be eligible you must:

  • Have an active inhibitor BU>0 (can be 0.05)
  • Have a permanent US residence (citizenship is not required)
  • Provide proof of annual household income

For people with FVII deficiency, SevenSECURE® provides access to a premium assistance program for people with bleeding disorders.

We have trained experts ready to help you.

This program was created to help those who have trouble paying their premiums. If you need support with this, SevenSECURE® may be able to help.

Note: Insurance premium programs are administered by Patient Services Incorporated (PSI), a leading non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. PSI evaluates requests using a sliding scale that identifies patient need beyond the aid given by many state and federal programs. So help may be available to those who do not qualify elsewhere. SevenSECURE® supports the efforts of PSI for persons with either inhibitors or FVII deficiency.

Signing up is easy. Click here to go back up the page to SevenSECURE® and learn how to sign up.


With SevenSECURE®, learning can truly be a lifetime pursuit. There are educational grants and assistance available for people of all ages. There is even a grant for primary caregivers. SevenSECURE® offers 3 types of educational assistance:

  • Tutoring grants for children K-12

If your child is in kindergarten through 12th grade, needs help with his or her schoolwork, has missed at least 2 weeks of school, then you may want to apply for a K-12 Edu-Grant. Grants are awarded in the amount up to $500 per year. The K-12 Edu-Grant helps the families of qualifying students pay for tutors or other types of learning help.

  • College and vocational scholarships

SevenSECURE® awards the Professor Ulla Hedner Scholarships to high school seniors, college, or vocational students—and there is no age limit. The scholarships are valued at $2000 to $7000 per year, and are awarded on a competitive basis. They are named after Professor Ulla Hedner, who pioneered the development of our recombinant Factor VIIa.

  • Adult education grants

SevenSECURE® awards Adult Education Grants up to $2500 for adults over the age of 23 who would like to take courses or get more training to help improve their career or transition to a new one. Applicants must provide an estimate of the course fees to determine the size of the grant. The adult education grant is also open to primary caregivers.

Signing up is easy. Click here to go back up the page to SevenSECURE® and learn how to sign up.

Medical Expenses

Inhibitors and FVII deficiency affect other areas of your care and wellness. If you have financial problems or your insurance does not cover all the services you need, SevenSECURE® may be able to help. We pay for the following care-related costs up to a total of $1500 per patient per year.

  • Dental work and cleanings
  • Mobility and medical-aid devices
  • Travel to educational meetings and conferences
  • Outpatient medical evaluation or treatment
  • Up to 3 months of prescription assistance

Signing up is easy. Click here to go back up the page to SevenSECURE® and learn how to sign up.

If you are a healthcare professional and you want additional information about the Novo Nordisk Hemostasis Patient Assistance Programs, have eligible patients who are not yet enrolled, or have patients who are enrolled and want additional information about their eligibility, please visit the "For Your Patients" section on the Physician Portal at NovoMedLink.com.

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