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New Airline Travel Security Information
from ADA

The ADA has taken rapid steps in working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on their new guidelines related to what passengers can and cannot bring on board the airplane as it relates to diabetes supplies.

TSA announced that insulin will still be permitted aboard airplanes along with prescription medicine that has a name that matches the passenger's ticket.  Keep in mind that in many cases prescription labels for diabetes supplies (i.e., insulin vials, pens, or syringes) are not found on the products themselves, but may be present on the box instead; if this is the case, bringing the box with the prescription label is advised.  The general guidelines for traveling with diabetes supplies are still in effect.

Click here for the TSA announcement.

To support the ADA’s efforts, we would like to provide you with a link to the travel guidelines for people traveling with diabetes supplies which TSA has developed in conjunction with ADA's assistance.  These tips will help ensure the safety and convenience of travelers with diabetes, while also keeping the traveling community as a whole safe.

Click here to find the ADA travel guidelines.