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Diabetes has become a global health crisis, and our communities are bearing a large part of the burden. It is estimated that the number of Americans living with diabetes will increase 64 percent between 2010 and 2025, and affect more than 53 million people.1 As a leading diabetes care company, Novo Nordisk created Community Care to help rally communities to address the diabetes crisis and support local programs designed to make an impact.

Novo Nordisk has awarded nearly $715,000 to 36 nonprofit organizations in nine markets across the country. This year, we’re proud to expand the program to include organizations in Portland, OR, Rochester, MN and Seattle, WA.

In each of these communities, we’ll be sponsoring local organizations that can make a difference in the lives of adults living with diabetes.

Novo Nordisk Community Care
Sponsored Organizations

By the end of 2013, Novo Nordisk will have awarded nearly
$900,000 to 46 organizations in cities across the country.
Below please find out additional information on the
organizations sponsored in each city and how they’re working
to stem the tide of diabetes in their communities.

2013 Community Care Sponsorship Recipients

2012 Community Care Sponsorship Recipients

2011 Community Care Sponsorship Recipients

1. Model commissioned by Novo Nordisk.
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