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Novo Nordisk is Changing Diabetes

The Medicare Diabetes Screening Project encourages Medicare eligible seniors ages 65 and older to get screened for diabetes using the free screening benefits available under Medicare. The project is run by a coalition of 20 national partners and is co-chaired by Novo Nordisk, American Diabetes Association and Healthcare Leadership Council.

The Diabetes Barometer provides healthcare professionals, patient organizations, politicians, institutions and media with valuable information on outcomes in diabetes care. Barometer takes a holistic approach to diabetes in America, examining it in three interconnected areas: societal perceptions, economic impact and clinical outcomes.

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Established by Novo Nordisk in 2002, the World Diabetes Foundation is dedicated to supporting prevention and treatment of diabetes in developing countries. To date, Novo Nordisk has contributed $255 million to the WDF, and the WDF has funded 243 projects covering 95 countries.

Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis and her husband, Louis Zorich, partnered with Novo Nordisk to launch ASK. SCREEN. KNOW. in 2009 to call attention to the underutilized Medicare Diabetes Screening Benefit. The program encourages Medicare eligible adults at risk age 65 and older to talk to their healthcare providers about the Medicare diabetes screening.

The Diabetes Camps project helps kids with diabetes have a positive and rewarding summer camp experience. There are more than 185 diabetes camps across North America and each year more than 3,000 children attend. Novo Nordisk has provided more than $300,000 in financial assistance to the camps and the campers. We also created the I Can Do More camp program, which makes learning about diabetes fun and rewarding while empowering children to seek support when they need it.