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For Novo Nordisk, a global health care company committed to changing the way diabetes is viewed and treated, finding solutions begins with applying a mindset of Measure, Share, Improve. We believe it’s essential to measure the state of diabetes, share what we’ve learned, and work to improve the status quo.


Novo Nordisk conducts research that helps describe and measure the problems and challenges the United States faces with diabetes.

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Novo Nordisk’s Government Affairs and Public Policy teams share Barometer materials and tools in their daily efforts to raise diabetes higher on the national agenda. Barometer data help inform meetings with key stakeholders in Washington, DC, including members of Congress and their staffs, and executives at federal government agencies.

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Novo Nordisk uses data and information from the Barometer research in developing strategies, activities, and messages for interacting with policymakers, legislators, payers, and other key stakeholders. We inform them of the value of diabetes screening, prevention, early intervention, treatment, and improved control.

Visit the Public Policy section to learn about our key strategies for changing the way America tackles major challenges posed by diabetes.

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