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Changing diabetes® is about leadership and about making a difference to the world of diabetes today and tomorrow.

Distilled from our history, our vision and our brand promise, and all that this means to us, changing diabetes will help illustrate Novo Nordisk’s leadership to all of our stakeholders.

Changing diabetes® begins with people who have diabetes themselves – people who want to become more informed and empowered to take on their disease.

Changing diabetes® starts by recognizing that the status quo is not good enough. It positions us as a partner and catalyst for change, as part of our mission to find ways of improving and transforming how diabetes is managed – and ultimately defeated. In a clear, cohesive, and proactive way, changing diabetes allows us to communicate all the things we do to lead the fight against this disease.

Changing diabetes® is also a way of portraying the individuals who make up Novo Nordisk. It is rooted in the belief that change and progress start with people who are passionate about making a difference; and Novo Nordisk is the place where they can realize their full potential.

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