Pia D’Urbano has been Senior Vice President, Marketing for the Diabetes and Obesity teams at Novo Nordisk Inc. since September 2020. She is responsible for the direction and alignment of marketing and sales strategies for Novo Nordisk’s innovative cardiometabolic medicines with the goal of improving access to treatment and care and strengthening understanding of these conditions among key stakeholders and customers.

Mrs. D’Urbano has been a member of Novo Nordisk’s US Executive Team since she joined the company as Corporate Vice President, Biopharmaceuticals in 2018. In this role, Mrs. D’Urbano was responsible for leading the US Biopharmaceutical commercial team specializing in treatments for people with rare bleeding disorders, and growth hormone-related disorders. 

Mrs. D’Urbano has 29 years of healthcare business experience in primary care, specialty/biologics and many diseases across multiple therapeutic areas.  Her expertise spans establishing new businesses, heading marketing and sales, new product planning, business development, strategic planning, and alliance development. 

Prior to joining Novo Nordisk, Mrs. D’Urbano was a member of the US Executive Committee at Sanofi and held multiple roles including Vice President and Head of US Public Affairs & Advocacy, and Vice President and Head of US Dermatology and Respiratory Biologics Business Unit. She also served as Vice President and Head of New Products Launch Unit, North America, and Associate Vice President, Commercial Brand Head for the US Oncology business. Her leadership roles also included co-chair of WISE (Women Inspiring Sanofi Excellence.)

Mrs. D’Urbano has also held a variety of marketing roles at Bristol-Myers Squibb including Neuroscience Global Marketing Director where she was responsible for global product launches. Her early career experience included roles at Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. outside of the US.

Mrs. D’Urbano was awarded the Top 25 Woman Leaders in Biotech of 2019 by the Healthcare Technology Report.

Mrs. D’Urbano holds a marketing degree from Vanier College as well as a Bachelor of Commerce/Business from Concordia University, both in Montreal, Canada.