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COVID-19 Novo Nordisk Information and Resources

We know this is an unprecedented time for everyone and we especially recognize that this serious health crisis could bring new concerns and challenges. As we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, Novo Nordisk is focusing on three key priorities:

  • Ensuring patients continue to get the medicines they need
  • Keeping our employees safe
  • Supporting the public health agenda

You can find some information about all this along with some of the commonly-asked questions we’re getting into our call center. Check back for updates.

And, depending on what information you need, contact us at the numbers and websites below. We’re here to help.

For general inquiries: 1.800.727.6500

For our Diabetes Patient Assistance Program, affordability and NovoCare services: 1.844.NOVO4ME (844.668.6463) or visit NovoCare.com

For Rare Bleeding Disorder services, please visit NovoSecure.com

If you’re a healthcare professional: NovoMedLink is your source for diabetes product samples and support during the Coronavirus outbreak. For growth hormone, please contact your local representative.

Enhanced Patient Assistance Program

Enhanced patient assistance program

People with diabetes facing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can now access a free 90-day supply of insulin under Novo Nordisk Inc.’s newly enhanced Patient Assistance Program (PAP). If you’re experiencing job loss, termination of healthcare benefits, or COBRA extension due to the pandemic, you may be eligible.

For more information, read our press release and hear from Doug Langa, Executive Vice President, North America Operations and President of Novo Nordisk Inc. in the video below.

Novo Nordisk Statement on the Novel Coronavirus and the Supply of Our Medicines in the US

During the global coronavirus outbreak, one of Novo Nordisk’s key priorities is to safeguard the continued supply of our lifesaving medicines to patients. We have ample supplies of medicines, including insulin, and we expect to be able to fulfill orders and replenish pharmacies in the US throughout this pandemic. However, because of periodic increases in demand, there may be times when your local pharmacy is temporarily out of stock of diabetes medicines. We are working with our distributors to ensure that there is enough inventory to fill prescriptions quickly. We encourage patients to plan ahead and know that it may take some extra time to get a prescription filled. There is no delay in obtaining growth hormone or medicines for rare bleeding disorders.

If you have an affordability challenge or an immediate need for insulin, please go to NovoCare.com for options that may be able to help.

If you have a Rare Bleeding Disorder and are looking for support, please visit NovoSecure.com for options that may be appropriate for you.

Keeping Our Employees Safe

Keeping our employees safe

Serving you means that our family of more than 5,000 employees has to be available and healthy to ensure our continued operations. Since March 13, following the guidance from the CDC and local health authorities, our teams are now working remotely, allowing them to help you and their own families. At our manufacturing facilities, we have implemented procedures to support the health and safety of our employees so they can still continue making our medicines 24/7.

Supporting local relief efforts

On April 1, 2020, Novo Nordisk in the US made a commitment to donate $500,000 to national relief organizations as well as to New York City/New Jersey/Philadelphia relief efforts, including Direct Relief, AmeriCares, the NYC Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund, the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund and the Philadelphia COVID-19 Relief Fund. We are also supporting emergency assistance requests from our patient/advocacy organizations and our local communities to address basic needs of individuals and families. We’re also expanding our matching gifts program until June 1, 2020.

We also know that small businesses are significantly affected by this outbreak. To support that, we have temporarily suspended our standard contractual payment terms and we will be paying submitted invoices immediately for nearly 500 small and diverse companies working with Novo Nordisk across the United States.

For more about how we’re helping the patients and healthcare professionals looking to us for help during this pandemic, read our press release and hear from Doug Langa, Executive Vice President, North America Operations and President of Novo Nordisk Inc. in the video below.

Commonly Asked Questions

Additional Resources

For up-to-date information and updates about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Consumers and healthcare professionals can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the websites of your state’s health department. Disease-specific resources to help you manage through the pandemic can be found below. If you’re a patient with concerns or questions, please contact your physician or healthcare provider.


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