What's Your Story

I’ve been in the life sciences industry for almost 30 years. Throughout my career, one thing has driven me to try and make a difference. Patients. Patients like Annette.

Recently, Annette shared with Team Novo Nordisk what it’s like living with diabetes as a Black woman. Like many in her family, Annette had been in denial of her diagnosis. She followed her doctor’s guidance but hesitated to change a way of life she loved. She spoke about how this struggle is common in Black communities due to lack of understanding from some physicians about the role culture plays in shaping a healthy lifestyle.

Photo of Annette

Annette shared her story on behalf of the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association’s “Know Diabetes by Heart” program to empower others. Her story reinforces the tragic inequities affecting many minority populations - African Americans are at a 77% higher risk for diabetes than white Americans. Addressing disparities within cardiometabolic care is a priority for Novo Nordisk.

It’s not just about putting patients first but recognizing each has a unique story and circumstance – and ensuring their care reflects that.

I invite you to read more about Annette here.