Diabetes researchers

Mom’s sick. Dad’s pricking his finger again. Do I have to call the ambulance?

“Sometimes I feel scared that you’re going to be sick and maybe not take care of me.” - Jeffrey, age 10, son of Novo Nordisk employee and Type 1 diabetes patient, Desirea Richardson.

Through a child’s eyes, having a loved one with diabetes can be scary and confusing. Watch as the children of our NNI employees and members of our Employee Resource Group, A1Connection, open up about their challenges, fears and even the bright side of growing up with a parent with diabetes (and there is a bright side!). Most importantly, watch as their stories showcase the critical role family members and support systems can play in helping a loved one manage a chronic condition, as well as reinforce that people with diabetes don’t have to manage their disease alone.

In our latest Patient Perspectives podcast, Novo Nordisk employee Desirea Richardson asks her son Jeffrey to share his thoughts about how her diabetes makes him feel. She then speaks to a Novo Nordisk diabetes educator, Melissa Weinstein about the important role diabetes educators can play in supporting both patients and their families.

Watch and listen to the conversation below.