Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States

Our Community Guidelines

Welcome to our U.S. social media channels, we’re glad you’re here. 


What you see is for U.S. audiences only. It’s meant for the U.S. only because laws that govern communications from pharmaceutical companies differ by region. There is a possibility however, that people who don’t live in the U.S. may stumble upon these social channels (e.g., @novonordiskUS, Perspectives). If that's you, please check out our global website: http://www.novonordisk.com/.


What do we talk about on social media?

We share news and views about diabetes and other chronic diseases. Social media isn’t a place for us to provide healthcare advice. We're not doctors, although we work with many. If you have questions about your health or the medicine you take, your doctor is the person to ask. If you’ve had a problem with a Novo Nordisk medicine (an adverse event), or if you have a product complaint, please call 1-800-727-6500.


When can you expect updates?

We update and check our accounts during office hours Monday through Friday. We strive to respond to questions and comments within a day. On the weekends, we may be a little slower to respond because we’re out and about with family and friends.


Do you have comments and questions?

Great! We welcome them and try to join the conversation whenever possible. Unless the comments are off-topic, abusive or intended to spam—then we may remove them. If we don’t reply to your comment it may be because we are not able to based on industry rules and regulation, or you may have shared a comment that is not in English. That said, we will always read and answer all your direct messages, comments, emails, etc. And we’ll make sure to pass along all your thoughts and ideas to our colleagues.


Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you!