Beginning February 1, 2022, Novo Nordisk (labeler codes 00169, 71090 and 73070) will modify its policy regarding "bill-to/ship-to" distribution of 340B product to a contract pharmacy of any of the six "hospital" covered entity types.

If a "hospital" covered entity does not have wholly owned contract pharmacies, that covered entity will be permitted to designate a total of two contract pharmacy locations—one retail pharmacy, and one specialty pharmacy (as determined by Novo Nordisk)—to which product purchased by that covered entity may be shipped.

Eligible hospital covered entities that do not maintain wholly owned contract pharmacies may contact Novo Nordisk at to request an application to designate a single retail pharmacy and/or a single specialty pharmacy location to accept bill-to/ship-to orders for both the covered entity parent and its child sites. Both retail and specialty pharmacy applications will be reviewed by Novo Nordisk prior to approval of any new exception requests.

Novo Nordisk's revised policy will not deny access to 340B-priced covered outpatient drugs to any covered entity. Each may purchase as much Novo Nordisk product at the discounted 340B price that it wishes. At no time will Novo Nordisk fail to offer 340B prices to 340B covered entities.

None of the "grantee" covered entity types are impacted by this change in policy. Novo Nordisk will continue to facilitate contract pharmacy "bill-to/ship-to" arrangements for these covered entities. All approved and active "grantees" may continue to place orders for Novo Nordisk product and have them shipped to their registered contract pharmacies, without limitation.

Questions about this policy change should be directed to