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National Obesity Care Week – Changing the Way We Care About Obesity

With strong expertise in chronic diseases, including obesity, Novo Nordisk is proud to be a founding sponsor of National Obesity Care Week, an annual national public awareness and education initiative dedicated to advance an evidence-based understanding of obesity and widespread access to respectful, comprehensive, and appropriate care. The vision is to create a society that understands, respects, and accepts the complexities of obesity and values science-based care.

Excitingly, the Senate has passed a resolution expressing support for the designation of the last week of October as ‘National Obesity Care Week’. The passing of this resolution signifies Congressional recognition of obesity as a complex disease requiring treatment and provides continued momentum for advocacy efforts in support of other key obesity legislation, such as the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA). Passing TROA, S.830 and H.R.1953, will provide Medicare beneficiaries and their health care providers with meaningful tools to treat obesity by improving access to weight management counselling and allowing for coverage of FDA-approved therapeutics for chronic weight management. Through this initiative, as well as efforts around research and product development, Novo Nordisk is inspiring a new, science-based approach to weight management and support for individuals living with obesity to achieve better health.

Obesity is a serious, chronic, progressive disease which requires long term management and is recognized as a chronic disease by leading organizations, including the American Medical Association, the World Obesity Federation, The Obesity Society, and many others.1-4 Despite this, many people with obesity still lack the support they need to manage their weight.5 Health care professionals can play a critical role in this effort by partnering with their patients to develop comprehensive and individualized approaches to weight loss and weight management.6,7 Clear and effective physician-initiated conversations can help increase patient comfort levels and encourage patients to use the full range of resources available.8

For more information on National Obesity Care Week, visit obesitycareweek.org.

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