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In Your Own Words is a collection of letters by people with type 2 diabetes, who have written back to their younger selves to share personal insights and reflect on their experiences of living with diabetes and starting on insulin therapy.

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"Your new guy had a wife who died after many years of suffering from severe diabetic complications. You wonder if he will still want to be with you when he finds out that you have type 2 diabetes too."


"Inside you are scared of failing, of having to change. Because of the way you were raised, you believe that people have interpreted your diabetes and time off as signs of failure."


"You’ll worry about hypoglycemia – the thought that you might suddenly experience an episode if you are driving or out of the house."


"What you are afraid of, Christine, is blame. You are paralyzed by the thought that perhaps you really are to blame for your two sons’ diabetes."


"Your challenge goes beyond diet and working out, though. Your task is accepting that you have diabetes. You really haven’t, so far."


"The lesson is that you need to listen – listen carefully – to your body. Hypoglycemic episodes can be life-changing. It can take a lot to recover from them."


"Perfection is how you have thrived, despite life’s many challenges. And perfection means not showing any flaws, such as having diabetes or needing insulin."


"It’s not that straightforward to be the wife of someone with type 2 diabetes. He will sometimes resent the interference, saying: 'Mind your business. I’ll take care of it.' Other times he will simply shut down, saying: 'I don’t want to talk about it.'"


"You know what’s happening—your blood sugar is low—and you’ve taken some glucose tablets. But it’s so frightening to feel so sick. Will it happen again? How often?"

The letters in this book have been written by people with type 2 diabetes and edited by Ellyn Spragins. The views and opinions expressed are not representative of Novo Nordisk and should not be considered as treatment advice.