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2019 Working Mother of the Year

By Novo Nordisk US | Published September 24, 2019

Ambre Brown Morley is Novo Nordisk Inc.’s 2019 Working Mother of the Year!

Since Ambre joined the company in 2008, her colleagues say she’s a committed, passionate leader who inspires and connects people – whether she’s managing a company project, building relationships with patients and patient advocacy groups, or as a founding member of Novo Nordisk’s employee resource group for African American employees. Outside of work, she’s a dedicated mother, daughter, and more for her family.

“The thing that makes my mom the most great is her extreme determination and courage to try new things,” said Ambre’s 13 year-old son Ian. “Seeing her help people through her work has shown me how to approach challenges and reach goals in my life.”

Ambre’s family shared why they think her award is well-deserved, including a message from Ian in Japanese following a trip the family took to Japan this summer:

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