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Riding for a cure

Riding for a cure

March 2020 | A Novo Nordisk employee takes the ride of a lifetime to support diabetes research

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A life-changing trip to the Rosebud Indian Reservation

A life-changing trip to the Rosebud Indian Reservation

March 2020 | Novo Nordisk employees support diabetes prevention and management in the Rosebud Sioux community

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Celebrating 12 years as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”

Novo Nordisk is one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work®” in 2020

February 2020 | We celebrate 12 consecutive years on the list.

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Making a difference far from home

Making a difference far from home

February 2020 | A Novo Nordisk employee and his family are changing lives in South Africa.

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Diabetes shouldn’t stop us from going for gold

January 2020 | An Olympic skier who lives with diabetes shares his story to inspire others.

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My family’s new Christmas dinner tradition

December 2019 | A Novo Nordisk employee updated a family-favorite recipe for her grandmother with diabetes

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The Faces of Farmhouse to Your House

November 2019 | Meet the people bringing Novo Nordisk’s program for a healthier Mississippi to life.

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Leading by example

November 2019 | Lisa uses the power she has as a mother to encourage her kids to give back

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Teaming up to take on diabetes

October 2019What does soccer have in common with managing your diabetes?

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Mother of the year family photo

2019 Working Mother of the Year

September 2019Ambre Brown Morley is Novo Nordisk Inc.’s 2019 Working Mother of the Year!

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Missy and her dog

Working with compassion

September 2019 For Missy, a Novo Nordisk employee and registered nurse, the fight against diabetes is personal.

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Women looking at phone

More options to help people with diabetes afford our medicines

September 2019 Learn about what we offer today and what’s coming in January 2020.


Doctor talking to patient

What I wish my doctor told me about obesity

September 2019 | Donna was ashamed of living with obesity until she learned something about the disease that changed her life.

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People holding giant speech bubbles

Talking diabetes bias

August 2019 | Imagine you’re in your doctor’s office and you’ve just been told you have diabetes. Your life is changed forever.

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The Economic Burden of Diabetes

July 2019 | A new study sheds light on diabetes costs beyond what you pay at the counter.

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Thanks to my family

July 2019 | Pro cyclist Mandy Marquardt’s parents helped her find success on the track while living with diabetes.

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Cooking up smiles with healthy food
at school

June 2019 | Imagine kids cheering for vegetarian chili on the school cafeteria menu.

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A father and son’s story

June 2019 | A Novo Nordisk employee on what makes him most proud: His family.

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Colorful finger painting collage

Take Your Child to Work Day

June 2019 | More than 115 kids took part in a fun-filled and informative day.

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A mom to hundreds

May 2019 | A Novo Nordisk employee shares her family’s story of fostering more than 100 kids and finding their adopted son.

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Mother and son holding hands

My little source of big strength

April 2019 | A mother takes on diabetes and cancer with her son by her side.

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Vegetable basket

Farmhouse to Your House

April 2019 | We’ve partnered with local farms and programs for a healthier Mississippi.

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Woman speaking at a Faith & Diabetes meeting in Houston

Fighting Diabetes Through Faith

March 2019 | People in Houston find diabetes support where they worship.

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Silhouette of a girl celebrating success

The girl in the nurse’s office

March 2019 | A teen shares her story of living with diabetes and a message for others.

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Employees standing outside one of an office building

Celebrating 11 years as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For®

February 2019 | FORTUNE Magazine has once again published its annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, and Novo Nordisk is incredibly proud to make the list for the eleventh straight year in a row.

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Man and woman holding hands

Living and loving with diabetes

February 2019 | Ashley and Daniel both have type 1 diabetes. They found love and understanding in each other.

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Man and woman holding hands

Options that may help

January 2019 | We have information for furloughed workers and others who need help affording our medicines.

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Reporter talking on camera

Reporting live from ObesityWeek

January 2019 | Novo Nordisk Obesity Patient Ambassadors cover the largest obesity conference in the world.

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Dr. Todd Hobbs, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Novo Nordisk Inc.

The Truth About Human Insulin

November 2018 | For more than half of the 30 years I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes, I depended on human insulin to effectively control my blood sugars.

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World Diabetes Day is time to act

World Diabetes Day is time to act

November 2018 | Find inspiration in stories by people who knew it was their time to act.

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My daughter has diabetes. I’m working towards a cure.

My daughter has diabetes. I’m working towards a cure.

November 2018 | A Novo Nordisk researcher shares his personal motivation for helping people with diabetes.

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Through the lens

Portraits of diabetes in the developing world

October 2018 | A photographer captures scenes of people living with diabetes around the world.

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Novo Nordisk Patient Ambassadors

Inspired by the people around me

October 2018 | I’ve personally struggled with weight, so I felt a little intimidated when I took on a role in obesity communications at Novo Nordisk. 

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Novo Nordisk's 2018 Working Mother of the Year, Stacy Hintzman, and her family

2018 Working Mother of the Year

September 2018 | Stacy Hintzman is Novo Nordisk Inc.’s 2018 Working Mother of the Year! 

Stacy’s kids Rylee, Kynlee and Kolton shared why they think their mom’s award is well-deserved.

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Young students running through a school hallway

Healthy kids help our communities

September 2018 | As a first grade teacher, I can tell you that there’s a reason why teachers call their students their “kids.” Being a teacher isn’t just about making sure students can read, write, and solve math problems- we have to go further and do  everything we can so  they grow up to be happy, healthy and successful adults.

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Pharmacist consulting a customer

Affordability remains top of mind

July 2018 | We know there’s a lot of frustration and anger about the price of insulin. We also know there is much more to do to achieve real change. Novo Nordisk is committed to be an active part of the change that is needed and find real-world solutions for people living with diabetes.

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Charlie Kimball, Indy 500 racecar driver and type 1 diabetic

You’ll be riding with me at the Indy 500

May 2018 | On the Sunday before every Memorial Day, 33 men and women gather to run the greatest spectacle in racing – the Indianapolis 500-mile race. For the past eight years, I’ve been fortunate to be in that group of 33.

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Team Novo Nordisk professional cyclist Quentin Valognes and type 1 diabetic

Diabetes Doesn’t Mean Giving Up My Dreams

April 2018 | Type 1 diabetes patient and Team Novo Nordisk professional cyclist Quentin Valognes shares his decision to dream big despite his diagnosis, and how that perseverance lead to his recent Sprint Jersey win in Dubai.

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People participating in community service

Giving back to a good cause: Volunteer Time Off at Novo Nordisk

April 2018 | When I hear volunteer success stories from colleagues like Charles Slonsky, I feel extremely proud to be part of an organization that supports employees in donating their time and talents within their communities.

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Motivation board

Running to sweet success

April 2018 | 1998 was going to be an amazing year. My husband and I were overjoyed to be expecting our first son. As a labor and delivery nurse I thought my pregnancy was going to be a textbook experience because I knew just what to expect.

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The word

Diabetes vs determination: Memories of my first insulin shot

February 2018 | Chanda Copple is a type 1 diabetes patient, a registered nurse, and certified diabetes educator with Novo Nordisk’s Education Program. She’s passionate about helping others feel empowered to manage their diabetes and live healthy lives.

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Employees standing outside one of an office building

Celebrating 10 years as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For®

February 2018 | FORTUNE Magazine has once again published its annual “100 Best Companies to Work For®” list and I’m incredibly proud to see that Novo Nordisk has made the list for the tenth straight year in a row!

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Hope Sirimis, Novo Nordisk US 2017 summer intern

The Intern Perspective

February 2018 | Summer will be here before we know it; as such, we are gearing up for Novo Nordisk Inc.’s 2018 Early Talent Summer Internship Program.

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Backpacks on a bench outside of a building

Beating diabetes: For Texas and for Kayce, I will

January 2018 | To love others, you must first be able to love yourself. However, loving yourself, your body, and your highs and lows is hard to do when you are a person with diabetes.

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Table full of food

Bring it on! Ten healthy tips for the Holidays

December 2017 | Abby Blaustein is a Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietitian who leads Novo Nordisk’s Garden State Educator team, which comprises 11 passionate Diabetes Educators of varied backgrounds.

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College students walking together

First break home, freshman year

December 2017 | While college is definitely a fun time, all college students probably look forward to their first break home.

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Flexible button on a computer keyboard

Flexible Work Options

November 2017 | Recently we launched a campaign on creating flexible work options here at Novo Nordisk.

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Cars stuck in traffic on a highway

Success is possible

November 2017 | With two-thirds of people with diabetes living in cities, we initiated Cities Changing Diabetes three years ago to put a spotlight on urban diabetes.

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Kristal Hartman advocating for obesity awareness

Advocating for People Struggling with Obesity

November 2017 | If you ever want your voice to be heard, spend a day on Capitol Hill advocating for an issue near and dear to your heart.

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Woman shopping for produce

Healthy women, healthy world

November 2017 | As mothers, sisters, spouses, and partners, we play a central role in the health and happiness of our families, loved ones, and friends.

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Group of people with their hands together in the middle

Diabetes control is more than just knowing your A1C

November 2017 | I’ll never forget my diagnosis with type 2 diabetes. I was 24 years old and my doctor attributed my, then 30-pound weight gain to “hand to mouth syndrome” - a not-so-polite way of saying I ate too much.

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Medical researchers in a science lab

Supporting and Cultivating Innovation

October 2017 | We can never lose faith in the “Eureka” moments that bring innovation to life. Yes, as a science-driven company, we’re placing bets on medicines most likely to demonstrate meaningful efficacy benefits and acceptable safety profiles in rigorous clinical trials.

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People walking through the remains of a home destroyed in a natural disaster

Disaster Relief

October 2017 | We all sympathize with those who are suffering the devastation of natural disasters over the past weeks – Hurricanes Maria, Harvey and Irma, and the wildfires in California.

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Adult and child holding hands glowing in the sun

2017 Working Mother of the Year

October 2017 | Madhuri Gurjar, Associate Director of Procurement Data and Analytics with Novo Nordisk Inc., is the company’s 2017 Working Mother of the year, featured in the September 2017 issue of Working Mother.

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Medical researcher looking at a microscope

What it’s like to GOBOLDLY every day

September 2017 | Matthias von Herrath, MD, Vice President of Novo Nordisk’s Diabetes R&D Center in Seattle, is one of the researchers featured in the GOBOLDLY campaign from the biopharmaceutical industry group, PhRMA.

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Two men walking together through a neighborhood flooded by a natural disaster

An update on our efforts to help those in need…

September 2017 | As we continue to see more and more unimaginable images from the largest US natural disaster ever, our hearts ache for everyone affected by the recent hurricanes in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean.

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Silouette of a man and woman juggling together

When you can’t take a day off from diabetes

September 2017 | Scott Ross is an attorney and founding member of Novo Nordisk’s resource group for employees living with diabetes.

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Person's feet walking on a treadmill

Why does your weight matter?

August 2017 | The Your Weight Matters convention (August 10-13), the largest national meeting dedicated to providing evidence-based strategies for individuals impacted by excess weight and obesity, saw more than 600 patients and advocates for obesity care come together in New Orleans.

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Aerial shot of a neighborhood flooded by a natural disaster

Our Hearts are with Houston

August 2017 | The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston hits close to home for us at Novo Nordisk.

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Business professionals clapping their hands

Why “showing up as yourself to work” makes sense all around

July 2017 | Editor’s note: Bobby Cipolla took another position outside of Novo Nordisk. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains strong, and the new leader of this Employee Resource Group is Stephen Barth, senior CRA – field management.

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Medical researcher working in a science lab

Perspectives from Todd Hobbs, MD

June 2017 | Our Chief Medical Officer has diabetes and a child with diabetes.

We talk with Todd Hobbs, vice president and chief medical officer for Novo Nordisk in North America.

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Pharmacist consulting a customer

Our perspectives on pricing and affordability

November 2016 | We hear from more and more people living with diabetes about the challenges they face affording healthcare, including the medicines we make.

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