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An update on our efforts to help those in need…

By Novo Nordisk US |  Published September 18 2017

As we continue to see more and more unimaginable images from the largest US natural disaster ever, our hearts ache for everyone affected by the recent hurricanes in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean. 

While all of our employees in these areas are safe and accounted for, many experienced catastrophic flooding, home and property damage and related hardships. Many are still struggling with power and transportation issues and assessing the effect on their local communities, including our customers and partners, and the patients they serve. 

And in true Novo Nordisk fashion, our teams in the affected areas are helping their neighbors by donating their time, skills and medical supplies to those still in need. 

Through our work with our long-time disaster relief partner, AmeriCares, we’re providing life-saving medicine donations to non-profit organizations such as Insulin for Life in parts of the country affected by both hurricanes. We’re also making another $150,000 donation to the American Red Cross (along with matching employee donations to ARC) as they help Florida, Georgia and the US Virgin Islands recover. We want to continue supporting these areas in need, and are continuing to look at ways we can collaborate with like-minded organizations on recovery efforts.

Our hearts go out to everyone living in the devastated areas, and we will do what we can to support our employees, the medical community, our partners, and their patients who are still struggling to return to the way of life they knew a month ago.

We’re so proud of the many stories we’re hearing about employees who have rallied and come together to help their communities and teammates, even in the face of their own hardships.

If you are a non-profit organization assisting in hurricane disaster relief and would like to inquire about Novo Nordisk product donations, please reach out to Americares at 800-486-HELP.

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