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Farmhouse to Your House

By Julie Skjolaas | Published April 01, 2019


I’ve always believed in the power of food – from growing up on a farm, working at a produce stand to pay my way through college, teaching in underserved communities through Teach for America, and recently, changing my own life through healthier eating.

I never imagined that it was all leading to one special job.

I’ve put my everyday job at Novo Nordisk on hold to head to Mississippi to lead an exciting new project providing underserved people with nutrition and information to better manage their health.

It’s called Farmhouse to Your House, a collaboration between Novo Nordisk and Mississippi farms, Diabetes Prevention Programs, and local advocates for healthy eating like celebrity chef Nick Wallace

Why Mississippi? Well, have you ever been on a road trip and stopped at one of those gas station convenience stores? In some Mississippi cities, those are the only places for people to do their grocery shopping. They may carry a small selection of frozen vegetables, but not fresh, healthy produce. That’s a problem for a lot of people in Mississippi, which ranks second in the nation for overall diabetes prevalence, and where more than 14 % of the state’s adult population lives with diabetes and 37.5 % have pre-diabetes.

We want to enroll 280 Farmhouse to Your House participants, who will get bi-weekly deliveries of produce from two local farms. A lot of people who have joined the program have never seen fresh, local fruits and veggies before. They can’t believe how beautiful it is! I displayed some at a recent community event and it was so pretty, people asked me if it was even real. In addition to the produce, participants will also get recipes from chef Wallace, and lessons on nutrition during regular meetings with a diabetes educator.

I know what eating healthy can do for your quality of life and those around you, and I look forward to helping people make a change in their lives over the next few months. I hope you’ll follow along on my journey!


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