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Giving back to a good cause: Volunteer Time Off at Novo Nordisk

By Genevieve Jean-Bart Fadayomi |  Published April 16 2018


When I hear volunteer success stories from colleagues like Charles Slonsky, I feel extremely proud to be part of an organization that supports employees in donating their time and talents within their communities.

Novo Nordisk, which is recognized as one of FORTUNE’s 2018 Best Workplaces for Giving Back, hopes to help its employees continue to make a personal impact through its new Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program.

This benefit provides all regular full-time and part-time employees with the opportunity to take paid time away from work to volunteer in community service initiatives.

Novo Nordisk’s commitment to offering a myriad of options and tools for employee volunteerism is a reflection of the Triple Bottom Line principle, and we are continually looking for new ways to engage our employees with the community.

VTO is a win-win for employees, for our company, and for the charitable organizations, nonprofits, and communities that benefit from the dedication and generosity of caring volunteers like Charles.

When you see children laughing and playing together at a diabetes camp; or a family in need enjoying fresh, healthy food; or a rescue dog sleeping peacefully by your side in a warm, loving home — you know your efforts matter. And Novo Nordisk’s VTO program makes it possible for employees to give back and make a difference in the way that matters most to them.

Please visit the Careers page of the Novo Nordisk website for more information. 


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