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Healthy kids help our communities

By Kristen Davis |  Published September 12 2018

As a first grade teacher, I can tell you that there’s a reason why teachers call their students their “kids.” Being a teacher isn’t just about making sure students can read, write, and solve math problems- we have to go further and do  everything we can so  they grow up to be happy, healthy and successful adults. That means healthy test scores AND healthy lifestyle choices.

That’s why I’m proud to be an ambassador for Super Health, Super You, a Novo Nordisk and Discovery Education program that helps kids in schools across the country learn about healthy lifestyle choices. I “teach the teacher” how to use some of the really cool Super Health, Super You resources in their classrooms.

There’s also the Super Health, Super You Community Challenge, which encourages students to work together to solve health-related issues in their communities.  Challenge participants have the chance to win a $10,000 grant from Novo Nordisk to put their ideas into action.

I’ve been to several participating schools, including 2018 Community Challenge winners PS 104Q, Bays Water School in Far Rockaway, NY.

What’s so cool about the challenge is that the students don’t just think of a community project; they follow through to make a real difference where they live.

Bays Water School 4 th and 5 th graders will soon get their hands dirty planting and tending to a “wellness reading garden”, which they dreamed up to be a source of fresh vegetables for their families and neighbors, and a quiet place to reflect and feel safe from the stress of living in what their teachers told me sometimes feels like an unsafe neighborhood.

The Bays Water School is special. I’ve seen health and wellness pushed aside or seen as less important than other subjects in some schools. By taking part in Super Health, Super You, the Bays Water School makes health and wellness a priority.

I loved meeting the kids who benefit from Super Health, Super You, and are so excited about learning to live healthy! I saw them light up as they made their own dance moves. They planted herbs and learned more about healthy eating with some tasty fruit – including dragon fruit, which they’d never seen before. It was fun to hear them say, “WHOA, what is that?!” Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn inspired me to continue making wellness a priority for the kids in my class.

You can learn more about the program and see for yourself how much fun we had:

Kids perform better in school when they’re happy and healthy. Knowing that Novo Nordisk and Discovery Education understand this gives me hope that Super Health, Super You can make a real difference in schools and communities across the country. 

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