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Disaster Relief

By Novo Nordisk US |  Published October 19 2017

We all sympathize with those who are suffering the devastation of natural disasters over the past weeks – Hurricanes Maria, Harvey and Irma, and the wildfires in California. Life may never be the same for many people.

Novo Nordisk has tried to alleviate some of the impact on the daily lives of people caught up in these disasters by donating money and diabetes supplies to the hard hit areas in Houston, Florida and the Caribbean. Read our post from September 18, 2017.  

In Puerto Rico, our supplies of insulin and other therapies began delivering the day the airport opened to UPS shipments. Through our long-time disaster relief partner, AmeriCares, we’re providing life-saving medicine to non-profit organizations, and we’ve donated more than $300,000 to key relief agencies. We always match our employees’ donations to the American Red Cross as well.

At a time when we see such devastation, it’s heartening to see our industry and so many others working at breakneck speed to get support, skill and relief onto the island.

As a reminder, if you are a non-profit organization assisting in hurricane disaster relief and would like to inquire about Novo Nordisk product donations, please reach out to AmeriCares at 800-486-HELP.

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