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By Hope Sirimis |  Published February 07 2018

There’s a special feeling that comes with the first day of a new job. Besides the outfit you pick out the day before, nothing is certain about what lies ahead.

I remember my first day as a Novo Nordisk intern. The other new interns and I huddled closely together in the lobby of our new workplace, smiling in our professional attire and waiting for instructions. We may have had “first-day butterflies,” but no one could take away the fact that we were chosen to be here.

When I joined Novo Nordisk’s Early Talent Internship Program, I was a rising sophomore English major with an interest in corporate America. After a few months of working in Marketing Operations, I discovered my passion for communications. Competing in the intern case competition, meeting Novo Nordisk employees, and working closely with mentors helped me find my voice and a newfound confidence.

A year later, I returned to Novo Nordisk’s Early Talent Internship Program as a double major in English and communications with a specialization in public and mass studies. I remember being in awe of the building as if I was seeing it for the first time. I entered the front doors and thought to myself about how lucky I felt. It was great to be back.

This time, I wanted to challenge myself and take on a different department. I was so thrilled when I found out I could work for Human Resources’ Talent Acquisition team. I always had an interest in the hiring process and how companies communicate to potential employees. Even though my background didn’t perfectly fit the job description, my new Novo Nordisk managers took me on as their intern.

Even though I was unfamiliar with human resources, I was given the chance to learn and develop. My managers allowed me to design my own internship experience. I worked on communication-oriented projects and learned the ins and outs of operational processes. I discovered a new passion and learned I have a strong interest in human resources. Because my managers allowed me to simply be me, I was able to use the voice I found during my first internship and be heard. Besides collaborating with Talent Acquisition, I closely worked with fellow interns on the case competition. Even though we all had different backgrounds and strengths, I learned how to effectively communicate my own ideas.

There was a special feeling I had when I came into work for Novo Nordisk every day. By being a part of the internship, I got a glimpse of the professional career I want to have. Everyone was so giving with their time and willing to talk to me about their own career path. This was more than an internship program; it was an opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you, Novo Nordisk.

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