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This World Diabetes Day, it’s time to act

By Novo Nordisk US |  Published November 14, 2018

This World Diabetes Day, it’s time to act.

World Diabetes Day is an opportunity to put your health, or the health of a loved one, first.

Here, we share some of the most inspiring Perspectives stories from people who knew it was their time to act to make a positive difference for themselves and others. 

Running to sweet success

When Caroline was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she knew it was time to act so she could live a healthier life.

Read Caroline’s story

Giving back to a good cause: Volunteer Time Off at Novo Nordisk

It was time to act for Charles when he saw that dogs needed help. He used paid time off to volunteer at a rescue shelter.

Read Charles’ story

Diabetes Doesn’t Mean Giving Up My Dreams

Quentin thought his diabetes diagnoses meant he would never become a pro cycler. Then he met Team Novo Nordisk and knew it was time to act to make his dream come true.  

Read Quentin’s story

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