Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States

Media Contacts

If you're a member of the news media, you may contact us directly by telephone or email. If you are not a member of the media or are a patient with a question about our products, please click here.

For Novo Nordisk and Related Corporate Inquiries:

Ken Inchausti
Director, Corporate Communications
Phone: +1 609-786-8316
Cell: +1 609-240-9429

Marisa Sharkey
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications & Media Relations
Phone: +1 609-786-4784
Cell: +1 609-325-9749


For Diabetes Medicines:

Michael Bachner
Director, Product Communications
Phone: +1 609-786-7796
Cell: +1 609-664-7308


For Hemophilia and Growth Hormone Disorders:

Brooke Berkowitz
Associate Director, Product Communications
Phone:+1 609-786-5877
Cell: +1 609-240-1544


For Chronic Weight Management:

Liz Skrbkova
Associate Director, Product Communications 
Phone: + 1 609-786-8027
Cell: +1 609-917-0632