Novo Nordisk strives not only to develop new innovative treatments to improve the lives of people with diabetes and other serious chronic diseases, but also to support a healthcare system that ensures patient access and affordability.

We recognize that some people living with diabetes are increasingly finding it hard to pay for their healthcare, including their insulin. Ensuring access and affordability is a responsibility we share with all stakeholders in the U.S. healthcare system, and we are committed to doing our part. Novo Nordisk continues to maintain its position on pricing and affordability, which focuses on three main tenets:

The first tenet is finding ways to lower out-of-pocket cost for patients with high-deductible health plans or with no insurance. We're committed to several approaches to helping patients, including:

Unbranded biologic options of both rapid- and long-acting insulins are available at the same or a lower list price versus branded versions.

A program through Walmart for more than two decades offers human insulin for approximately $25 per vial; it is also available at CVS for $25.

Co-pays for as little as $35 for several insulin products for eligible patients in commercial insurance plans.

A monthly supply of any combination of Novo Nordisk insulins for eligible patients (up to three vials or two packs of FlexPen®/FlexTouch®/PenFill® pens) for $35. 

A one-time free short-term supply of insulin (up to three vials or two packs of pens) to eligible patients at risk of rationing.

Offers free diabetes medication to people in need who meet certain eligibility criteria. To learn more about our patient assistance programs and how to apply, click here or call 866-310-7549. 

People living with diabetes are encouraged to access and learn more about these affordability programs at

The second tenet is working with all stakeholders to simplify and transform the healthcare system. The system we currently have is very complicated – rebates, discounts, administrative fees, co-pays and deductibles all play a role in what our customers, and people with diabetes, pay. Novo Nordisk supports policies that make insurance work better for patients, such as first-dollar coverage for chronic medications to ensure that patients in high deductible health plans can afford their insulins.  We also support changes to Part D such as capping annual out-of-pocket costs, smoothing cost-sharing over the benefit year, and passing manufacturer discounts to patients in order to ensure seniors have more predictable costs for their medicines. 

The third tenet is limiting any potential future list price increases to no more than single-digit percentages annually. We recognize that customers like PBMs and payers have to effectively manage their healthcare budgets, including anticipating and planning for price increases; we want to support those efforts.