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Changing ObesityTM

At Novo Nordisk, we are dedicated to making obesity a healthcare priority. Changing ObesityTM is our long-term commitment to improve the lives of people with obesity by changing how the world sees, prevents and treats obesity. 

Our focus areas are:


We work to build healthier environments to enable improved health

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We work to foster empathy for people with obesity and make obesity a healthcare priority

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We work to ensure people with obesity have access to science-based and comprehensive care

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Actions to Improve Obesity Care

We work both independently and with our partners to advance medical management through education, advocacy, patient support and improved access to care.


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Truth About Weight®

To help patients prepare for a productive conversation with their healthcare provider, TruthAboutWeight.com provides information around the science behind weight loss and provides tools to help assess weight management history, motivations, and triggers. 

Learn more at truthaboutweight.com


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National Obesity Care Week

According to leading patient organization, the Obesity Action Coalition, obesity stigma is the last socially acceptable form of discrimination in our society. National Obesity Care Week aims to create a society that understands, respects, and accepts the complexities of obesity and values science-based care. 

Learn more at obesitycareweek.org


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Obesity Care Advocacy Network

Created to elevate obesity on the national agenda, the Obesity Care Advocacy Network unites and aligns obesity stakeholders and the community around obesity-related education, policy, and legislative efforts. 

Learn more at obesitycareadvocacynetwork.com


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To understand the what and why behind barriers to care, the Awareness Care and Treatment In Obesity management Study, was the first US nationwide study to investigate barriers to obesity management from the perspective of employers, healthcare professionals, and people with obesity.

Learn more at actionstudy.com


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