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Affording Your Medicines

Getting the right medicines is an important part of keeping healthy, especially if you’re living with a chronic disease like diabetes. But knowing whether or not your insurance covers your medicines can be confusing. And if you can’t afford the right medicine, it can be frustrating. We get that, and we’re taking action to address the fact that many Americans with diabetes struggle to pay for their healthcare and, in some cases, this includes paying for the medicines we produce.

That’s why we work to provide information that explains insurance, how you may be able to get our medicines if you can’t afford them and additional tools to help in getting the right care. Below are helpful resources for all patients.

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Patient Assistance Programs

One way Novo Nordisk tries to encourage access to medicines is through our patient assistance programs, which offer free medicine to people who qualify.

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Affordability Collaborations

We're working with other companies to find solutions to make medicines more affordable.

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