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Meet the challenge of life with a bleeding disorder.

People who live with a bleeding disorder know that staying healthy means managing bleeds, getting proper treatment, and planning ahead for challenges big and small. 


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Tips to keep you moving forward.

Whether you’re focusing on staying active and healthy, getting ready to travel, or managing bleeds and the pain that can accompany them, these tips can help you out along the way.


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Ideas for every stage of life.

When it comes to handling life’s big transitions, everyone could use a little help. If you’re living with a bleeding disorder, it’s important to know what to expect about living on your own, learning to self-infuse, going to college, or starting a career—so you can plan ahead. 


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Tools to help you manage hemophilia.

We’ve developed tools and resources to help you stay organized, informed, and on top of everyday disease management.


Hemophilia Resources

The more you know, the more comfortable you and those around you will feel. Learn more about your bleeding disorder, how to keep others informed, or how to organize vital information you need in your everyday life. Here are some resources to help:


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How can we help?

Looking for information and support? Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Community Liaisons (HCLs) are here to help. 

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Every April 17, we recognize World Hemophilia Day. Join us on the Changing Hemophilia Facebook Community.