Product disposal

Safe collection and proper disposal of our products

Novo Nordisk is committed to and encourages the safe and proper disposal of our products by patients. Novo Nordisk's product portfolio includes several injectable medications (in both vial and pen device) that require the use of needles, as well as pen needles. Our injectable medicines are all distributed with FDA-approved instructions for use that educate patients regarding the proper disposal of our products after use, including directing them to any state or local laws governing disposal.


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Under California and Minnesota law, pharmaceutical manufacturers like Novo Nordisk are required to provide a description of the actions, if any, that they have taken to support the safe collection and proper disposal of sharps, which include needles, pen needles and similar devices, used with medications intended to be self-injected at home. Senate Bill 486, Code sections 47115 - 47116; Minnesota 2010, Chapter 286, S.F. No. 1323. A copy of the report can be accessed below.

Novo Nordisk drug disposal program

Patients possessing a Novo Nordisk prescription pen or vial that is empty or lacks a usable quantity of medication may participate in our mail-back disposal program. Sharps including needles and syringes are not accepted via the program. Medication disposal containers may be easily obtained by clicking here.