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Cities Changing Diabetes

Cities are on the front line for diabetes. Two-thirds of people with diabetes globally live in cities. And, the highest growth in diabetes is expected to happen in urban settings.1

That’s why we started Cities Changing Diabetes in 2014, with University College London and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. We believe that the growing prevalence of diabetes, especially in cities, is not inevitable.

In collaboration with cities around the world, we are helping communities understand their unique diabetes challenges, identify areas and populations at greatest risk, and design and implement targeted solutions.

Our U.S. launch of Cities Changing Diabetes in Houston in 2014 brought together medical and public health institutions, communities of faith, employers, insurers, and nonprofit organizations. Today, six initiatives reach, empower, and connect more than 75,000 Houstonians to improve diabetes prevention and management.

In November 2019, we launched the program in Philadelphia, also in collaboration with community leaders from public and private sectors to change the trajectory of diabetes there.



1. International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas Eighth Edition 2017. 2017: 7-18. Accessed May 2019.