Blandine Lacroix is Senior Vice President, Strategy and Rare Disease since January 2023. In her role, she is responsible for leading the development of the U.S. organization's long term enterprise and future business strategy, in addition to leading the U.S. Rare Disease strategic efforts with a commercial team that specializes in treatments for people with hemophilia and growth hormone-related disorders, while preparing for future opportunities in other rare bleeding disorders, rare endocrine disorders and ultra-rare diseases like primary hyperoxularia. Blandine is also the Executive Sponsor for the HoLA (Hispanics and Latinos in Novo Nordisk) Employee Resource Group, which provides Hispanic and Latino perspectives and promotes education and awareness of patients within the community. This group also supports Hispanic/Latino employees at Novo Nordisk, highlighting leaders and role models who can build a strong network.

Blandine believes in philosophies around leadership and decision-making that capitalize on a company's greatest strength – its people. She creates the vision and connections that lead to achieving ambitious and transformational shared goals and values across internal and external stakeholders, regardless of position or tenure. Blandine's authenticity and transparency foster collaborative and, most importantly, safe environments where the right people are in the right jobs, and everyone can bring their whole selves to work. Embracing diversity, activating teams and empowering people, and pioneering new paths forward are her core principles. As a result, Blandine is able to mobilize teams and stakeholders to solve large-scale complex issues, resulting in positive disruption and sustainable turnarounds.

Blandine is a proven global commercial leader who brings over 25 years of experience in marketing and commercial leadership within the healthcare/life science industry. She joined Novo Nordisk in 2002 in the company’s Australia affiliate. Since that time, she has progressed through roles of escalating responsibility leading global marketing teams, at the company’s headquarters in Denmark and within the US affiliate, across both diabetes and obesity therapeutic areas. Blandine led the establishment of the company’s US obesity business as Vice President, Obesity Marketing, from 2013 to 2017. She then led the Obesity business at Novo Nordisk Inc. from 2017 to 2020, where she was responsible for driving strategies transforming how the world sees, prevents, and treats the disease. And prior to her current role, Blandine was Corporate Vice President, Strategy and Rare Disease since September 1, 2020 and was promoted to Senior Vice President, Strategy and Rare Disease in January 2023.

Before joining Novo Nordisk, Blandine managed teams and business opportunities for several international companies across diverse industries such as technology, health, manufacturing, and education.

Blandine's most important life mandate is to be "Sophie's mom" and while time will tell, she aspires for this to be her greater achievement in life.

Blandine studied business with a major in Finance and Accounting as an undergraduate at the MBA Institute in Paris, France, and has a Master of International Business from the University of South Carolina.