Anna M. Frable has been Vice President, Communications for Novo Nordisk Inc. since April 2016 and joined the Executive Team in February 2020. She leads the Communications function and is responsible for the strategic oversight of communications and public relations efforts that advance the company’s business priorities and reputation in the US, as well as understanding of its purpose. Anna is also the Executive Sponsor for the Living It Employee Resource Group, which serves as a resource and voice for people living with the chronic conditions Novo Nordisk serves, to bring greater education and awareness of these conditions to the Novo Nordisk community.

Anna has more than 25 years of healthcare communications and industry experience. Prior to joining Novo Nordisk Inc., Anna spent nearly 20 years at Novartis in various leadership positions, including Vice President of Communications & US Country Head of Communications. In this role, she was responsible for promoting and protecting the company brand and reputation as well as leading communications for significant initiatives across the different Novartis divisions in the US. She also led strategic communications for the General Medicines business at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC). She served on the NPC General Medicines Executive Committee as well as the Novartis US Pharma, Compliance and Country Executive Committees.

Earlier roles at Novartis included a secondment in the company’s global headquarters in Switzerland to optimize the global pharmaceuticals communications function. She also served as Vice President, Corporate Communications for CIBA Vision Worldwide, a former Novartis company.

Prior to Anna’s corporate communication positions at Novo Nordisk and Novartis, she held senior leadership positions at global public relations firms primarily focused on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Anna received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Miami.