People are more than their disease. Every day, countless incredibly brave people walk among us. Thanks to the help of scientific innovation, people living with chronic diseases are persevering and unlocking their greatest potential. Today, living with a chronic disease doesn’t have to define who you are. These are The Greats: people living with and thriving with chronic disease. Join us as we meet with some of these great inspirations and hear their stories.

Tai is a 24-year-old nonbinary person who was born with severe hemophilia but diagnosed late at the age of three. Hemophilia can put a person at risk of bruising and internal bleeding, making it a disease that is particularly important to treat early and efficiently.

As a self-described serious and thoughtful person who enjoys pensive activities like yoga, Tai is very reflective about how their journey has been impacted by factors like gender identity and lifestyle. These aspects of Tai’s life influence how they view their body and communicate about their health, as well as their relationships with others.

Keenly interested in health equity, Tai follows health policies pertaining to hemophilia and seeks ways they can advocate for themself and others. They describe their favorite tea as a reflection of their journey — very enriching, but prickly on the outside to protect itself from outside forces. Tai’s journey with hemophilia has shaped but never defined them.