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A Journey of Hope— Diabetes in Native American Communities

For nearly a century, Novo Nordisk has been committed to making a positive change in people’s lives. Learn more about how we are putting our values into action.

Learn more about the Native American Health Initiative and some of our other Community initiatives 

Grants and Corporate Giving

At Novo Nordisk, we place the patient at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to making a difference by supporting scientific and humanitarian causes that positively impact people’s lives.

We demonstrate this commitment by using our resources to build a better, healthier world through corporate giving and support of independent education programs.

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Charitable Giving—Community Health Collaborative™

As part of our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line —social responsibility, environmental soundness and economic viability—Novo Nordisk launched the Community Health Collaborative™, a grant program designed to support community-based initiatives that address urban health and wellness, particularly near our US offices in Trenton, New Jersey and the surrounding communities.

Through the Community Health Collaborative™, charitable funding is focused on two areas that play particularly important roles in having a positive impact on people’s health and wellness in urban areas—namely, Healthy Lifestyle + Built Environment and Access to Healthy Foods. Together these focus areas aim to:

1. Recognize that the determinants of urban health are multifaceted and interdependent

2. Favor a sustainable, holistic, and innovative approach to health and wellness in an urban context

3. Offer flexible guidance for developing practical solutions

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Novo Nordisk provides sponsorship support to organizations whose activities have a positive impact on our therapeutic areas of interest, and have demonstrated the ability to work in a positive manner toward initiatives that benefit the health care profession and patient communities. These include programs related to diabetes, growth disorders, hemophilia and rare bleeding disorders. These can include, but are not limited to, awareness and advocacy events, camps, conferences and other fundraising events in support of advancing the organization’s mission as it relates to one of the above areas.

Independent Education Mission

Novo Nordisk is committed to supporting independent education in diabetes and therapeutic areas that can make a real difference. We support scientifically sound, fair-balanced, and independent programs designed to meet the educational needs of patients and the community, and the needs of health care professionals in ways that measurably grow their skills and knowledge for the benefit of patients.