Boston, Massachusetts: one of the leading homes for biopharmaceutical innovation. 

Bringing together the brightest minds in science, biotech innovation and academia, this city is home to Novo Nordisk’s newest Research & Early Development (R&ED) site.  

Built on our mission to improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases, the greater Boston U.S. and Denmark R&ED sites are focused on pioneering scientific innovations that redefine the boundaries of what is possible in our quest to improve global health.

“When we first arrived in Boston back in 2018, we started small but took all our curiosity and scientific fascination with us,” shares Marcus Schindler, Executive Vice President, Research & Early Development and Chief Scientific Officer. “That generosity was an important factor in laying the foundations for how we collaborate today.”

Our scientific focus in Boston reflects the full research, discovery, and development pipeline, from early-stage molecular research to late-stage clinical trial development. 

“Our business development teams are exploring opportunities to collaborate on cutting-edge research,” shares Vice President of the Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub, Uli Stilz. “We’re really trying to merge the speed and agility of a biotech startup with our expertise as an established life sciences leader, the goal being to bring these two unique perspectives together to develop new medicines for patients.”

Creating a truly global, integrated hub for biopharma innovation in parallel to our historic R&D hub in Copenhagen, our teams set out to explore and solve some of science’s biggest challenges — to fuel our future pipeline of medicines. 

In the past year, over 200 new positions were added to our greater Boston area footprint. More than 150 of them were lab-based and clinical development roles involved in data science, biology and chemistry research, as well as ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi) research and clinical development. 

“Novo Nordisk’s expansion in the greater Boston area will play a pivotal role in our future pipeline development,” comments Jacob Petersen, Senior Vice President of Global Nucleic Acid Therapies. "I believe there is no better place than Boston for sourcing external innovation, working together with outstanding academic institutions, hospitals and biotech to propel the exchange of ideas between our two R&ED hubs across the Atlantic."