From molecule to market, our focus is always on the patient when developing best-in-class treatments. Long-term thinking drives all our activities and we continuously demonstrate our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. This sets us apart from other pharmaceutical companies.

Working at Novo Nordisk Research & Development is a mutually rewarding commitment. Our consistent growth provides you with professional development and career opportunities – as well as ample funding for projects. Thus, we invite you to bring your personal ambition and passion to work and bring tomorrow’s research and clinical development to the next level.

We trust in each individual’s sense of responsibility and commitment to deliver excellent results and we offer a flexible working environment. 

We have the culture of ingenuity needed to develop the next generation of life-saving therapies. Therefore, you will be part of a highly dedicated team, in which everyone shares the mutual aspiration to further improve the lives of millions of people requiring chronic care.

We venture through diverse and complementary disease areas making innovation accessible to patients with novel therapies that tackle their toughest challenges.

By taking a comprehensive look at patients, we’re able to center our R&D strategies around their specific needs.

This approach enables us to enhance our current treatments while also exploring new indications and the underlying biological causes of disease.

As a global organization characterized by diversity, we value and benefit from working with the world’s finest scientists and embracing a wide range of perspectives.

Our culture is marked by respect, curiosity, collaboration, and open-mindedness, providing ample space for free expression.

We believe that passion and unwavering determination are essential in pioneering the next groundbreaking medical advancements for patients.

Learn more about our ways of working and The Novo Nordisk Way here.

We hand selected each piece of equipment in our research centers and tailored every space to maximize efficiency and collaboration.

These world-class resources provide an ideal environment for groundbreaking discoveries, fostering cross-functional teamwork and accelerating the pace of innovation in diverse scientific disciplines.

Expanding our R&D capabilities in the Boston area gives us access to top-tier academic institutions, leading research hospitals, and biotech startups that call this city home. Through collaboration with leading experts, we have the opportunity to tap into a vast network of knowledge and expertise, bringing us closer to effective treatments for chronic diseases.

We currently have R&D sites in Lexington, Watertown, and Cambridge, MA.