At Novo Nordisk, we believe in change. We are parents, colleagues, neighbors and friends — people living with the complexities of serious diseases. And we believe in the combination of science and soul to help nurture each other back to good health.

For more than 100 years, we have been driving change to defeat diabetes, which has given us the experience and capability to help defeat other serious chronic diseases, including obesity, hemophilia and growth hormone disorders. 

We work for a future where lives are not limited—and we do so by pioneering scientific breakthroughs, expanding access to our medicines and working to prevent and ultimately cure the diseases we treat.

From our labs to our factory floors, we are discovering and developing innovative biological medicines and making them accessible to patients who need them.

Headquarters in Plainsboro, NJ, with locations in 7 states

Employing nearly 6000 people

4 million people in the U.S. using our medicines

Plainsboro, NJ Novo Nordisk office

Our U.S. headquarters in Plainsboro, New Jersey plays a critical role in the vibrancy of the life sciences industry in New Jersey. We are responsible for sales and marketing of all Novo Nordisk products in the U.S. and manage clinical trials in the U.S. Our LEED-certified headquarters building is modeled on principles of functionality, innovation, openness, quality and aesthetics - offering a space that promotes collaboration and creativity.

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Seattle, WA Novo Nordisk office

Seattle is a growing life sciences hub in the U.S., grounded in its strong history of innovation across industries. Novo Nordisk's Seattle research center is the epicenter of the company's R&D activities in the U.S. Teams are part of a global organization, partnering with colleagues across various international research centers to drive innovation across core therapy and technology areas.

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The greater San Francisco area is a prominent medical and biotechnology research hub in the U.S., and the East Bay community of Fremont is an emerging center of leading-edge research in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies.

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Indianapolis, IN Novo Nordisk office

Indianapolis is known as the "racing capital of the world" and is also growing in its R&D prominence in the U.S. The Novo Nordisk Indianapolis site untaps the scientific potential of the heartland, which is at the crossroads of the rich research ecosystems of the east and west coasts.

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Cambridge, MA

Cambridge reigns as one of the world's top innovation ecosystems, as it is home to leading academic institutions, hospitals and R&D organizations.

The Novo Nordisk Cambridge location is the headquarters for the Global R&D Business Development across all of our therapeutic and technology areas.

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West Lebanon, NH Novo Nordisk office

Novo Nordisk US Bio Production, Inc. (NNUSBPI) is a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility that works to produce trusted products for people living with the rare bleeding disorder known as hemophilia.

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Clayton & Durham, NC Novo Nordisk office

North Carolina's Research Triangle region is the 4th largest life science industry hub in the U.S. and offers unparalleled access to top biomanufacturing talent. The area frequently tops rankings of the best places to live and work in the country.

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The Novo Nordisk Way is a set of guiding principles that underpins every decision we make. It describes who we are, how we work and what we want to achieve, and sets a clear direction for our company and our employees. Ultimately, it’s a promise we make to each other — and to the millions of patients all over the world who rely on our products to lead full and healthy lives.

Novo Nordisk Way is our way.

In 1923, our Danish founders began a journey to change diabetes. Today, we are thousands of employees across the world with the passion, skills and commitment to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.

  • We aim to lead in all disease areas in which we are active.
  • Our key contribution is to discover and develop innovative biological medicines and make them accessible to patients throughout the world.
  • Growing our business and delivering competitive financial results is what allows us to help patients live better lives, offer an attractive return to our shareholders and contribute to our communities.
  • Our business philosophy is one of balancing financial, social and environmental considerations.
  • We are open and honest, ambitious and accountable, and treat everyone with respect.
  • We offer opportunities for our people to realize their potential.
  • We never compromise on quality and business ethics.

Every day, we must make difficult choices, always keeping in mind what is best for patients, our employees and our shareholders in the long run.

It's our way. It's the Novo Nordisk Way.

We are a proud life science company united by a common job to discover better treatments for people living with a serious chronic disease. 

Our industry is dynamic. And the scientific understanding of the diseases we treat and the people living with them, improves every day. This is a constant reminder that what got us to where we are today is not necessarily what will make us successful in the future. 

As an employer, we recognize the need to embrace experimentation and strive for diversity and inclusion to help make better decisions by ensuring that multiple perspectives are considered.

Together, we’re life changing.

We work in close collaboration with leading universities and biotech companies worldwide to collaborate and speed up new drug discovery.

We continuously seek new partners with whom we share complementary capabilities and mutual interests, and openly share novel peptide and protein analogues, and antibodies for preclinical research.

We offer easy and free access to selected high-quality and well-characterised compounds to curious and passionate scientists from around the world.