For more than 100 years, we have been translating unmet medical needs into innovative medicines and delivery system

From our labs to our factory floors, our teams are curating biological medicines and making them accessible and affordable to patients throughout the world.

Our treatments today are helping over 6 million people living with diabetes, obesity, and rare diseases.

Our focus on solving the world's most urgent health challenges influences our approach. Making long-term investments in market-leading technologies, we are continually advancing the development of medical devices and digital health solutions.

When a chronic disease is not properly treated there is an increased risk of developing life-threatening complications. Vulnerable and low-income communities are often hit the hardest. The cost and access to medical care can place a devastating burden on individuals and their families.

There are lots of questions around affordability and many are looking to us for answers. What we know is more needs to be done.

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Defeating diabetes and other diseases is not something we can do alone.  In our research, development, manufacturing, and commercial operations, we often partner with related experts. 

We are always on the lookout for new collaborations with people and organizations who are interested in changing patients’ lives, together. 

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Sometimes the best path to discovery is through open collaboration. From our innovation challenges to the sharing of our molecular compounds for preclinical research, we aim to create new innovation ecosystems that accelerate new medicine discovery and digital health solutions.

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