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Improving the lives of people living with diabetes, hemophilia, obesity and growth hormone disorders requires early detection and access to high quality, affordable care. Our mission is to develop policy solutions that promote access to care for the patients we serve and facilitate continued innovation in the prevention and treatment of serious chronic diseases. We think critically about ways to improve health insurance coverage and access to medicines, reduce health care disparities and align public policy with science to best support patients with chronic disease. Through collaboration with policymakers and external stakeholders, we seek to raise awareness of the issues our patients face and turn innovative solutions into public policy.

Our U.S. position on improving obesity treatment

Obesity is a serious chronic disease caused by a range of environmental, genetic and biological factors that can lead to multiple comorbidities. Over 40 percent of U.S. adults have obesity, yet many Americans lack access to FDA-approved treatments. Novo Nordisk is advancing policies that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of obesity.




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