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Our global manufacturing unit is called Product Supply. This unit consists of more than 14,000 colleagues located across the world, who are dedicated to supplying life-saving medicines to the millions of people living with chronic disease.

JVOS and TMNI, Novo Nordisk Kalundborg

Producing and delivering life-saving medicine

Working in Product Supply will bring you close to the processes that turn science into real life-changing medicines. It will also introduce you to the modern technologies that we utilise to produce and deliver our products to the entire world.

We continuously ask ourselves how we can optimise our production processes to ensure that we deliver high-quality products. To do so we depend on great people across all areas of our business.

Are you ready to begin a life-changing career?

24-hours in Product Supply

Somewhere in the world, our colleagues in Product Supply are making sure people get their medicine. 

In the video above, take a look at a day across our global manufacturing operations.

Your development is important to us

Working in Product Supply

Success depends on dedicated individuals like you contributing to our ambition to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.

Empowering our employees is a top priority and we actively support their individual career development. Solid and constant high performance in a business like ours, leads to a wide range of career opportunities.

Working in Product Supply will give you the responsibility of ensuring that our high-quality products are available when patients need them.  

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