Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States


Novo Nordisk is the world leader in diabetes research, care and treatment, and our passion for helping people is at the heart of everything we do. With more than a decade of consistent double-digit sales growth and an innovative product pipeline, we know that "how" we achieve our goals is just as important as "what" we achieve.

Lebanon, NH

As the newest addition to the Novo Nordisk family, the New Hampshire facility will work tirelessly to supply our customers with high quality products that meet regulatory compliance, with reliable delivery and at a competitive cost.

Novo Nordisk US Bio Production, Inc., is searching for individuals with a quality mindset and strong work ethics to join our team. Working together we can realize our goals as one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Click here to see current open positions at our Lebanon, NH facility.

Clayton, NC

The Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. (NNPII) manufacturing facility employs more than 700 talented individuals on a 264-acre property in Clayton, North Carolina. We strive to improve the quality of life for more than 380 million people living with diabetes by overseeing the full production of our diabetes products – from formulation, to packaging, to distribution. 

Click here to see current open positions at our Clayton, NC facility.