Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States

Career Opportunities in
West Lebanon, NH

In Novo Nordisk US Bio Production, Inc. (NNUSBPI) we produce the API for Novo Nordisk’s glycoPEGylated long-acting recombinant factor VIII, N8-GP (turoctocog alfa pegol) for people living with haemophilia. This product is in the very last stages of development.

Success at NNUSBPI requires a unique mix of independent thinking and effective collaboration. Employees of NNUSBPI thrive when they work closely with their onsite teams and counterparts in Denmark to achieve the best possible outcomes. Sharing ideas and helping each other in a fast-paced environment is not only encouraged, it is expected.

With a career at Novo Nordisk, you will feel a difference right from the start. It is a sense of inspiration and mobility that comes from a shared belief in driving positive change for people, families, and communities everywhere. A job in NUSBPI is never just a job. You will discover an inclusive environment that thrives on diversity of ideas and perspectives – one that will continually challenge you to live your values and achieve your professional goals.

At NNUSBPI you will have the opportunity to build a life-changing career in a community you can call home. We offer opportunities in a variety of fields related to the manufacturing environment. Some examples include process supporters, chemists, specialists, engineers, operators, etc.


Novo Nordisk employees Julie Rose and Morgan Lawrence