You can find some information about all this here. And, depending on what information you need, contact us at the numbers and websites below. We’re here to help.


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NovoMedLink is your source for diabetes product samples and support. For growth hormone, please contact your local representative.

"Patients who rely on our medicines every day, our employees who serve them, and the heroes trying to address the outbreak in our backyard demand our singular focus. Now, during these really challenging times, is when we all have to work together to keep our communities, loved ones and those we care about safe and healthy. We take these responsibilities to heart and want people to know what we are doing and how we can help."

- Doug Langa, Executive Vice President, North America Operations and President of Novo Nordisk Inc

People with diabetes facing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can access a free 90-day supply of insulin under Novo Nordisk Inc.’s enhanced Patient Assistance Program (PAP). If you’re experiencing job loss, termination of healthcare benefits, or COBRA extension due to the pandemic, you may be eligible.

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Disease-specific resources to help you manage through the pandemic can be found below. If you're a patient with concerns or questions, please contact your physician or healthcare provider.

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority so we can continue serving the patients who depend on us. We carefully consider local, state and federal government guidelines when determining COVID-19 related policies for our employees. A full COVID-19 vaccination is required for all employees and contractors at all of our US office locations, production facilities and R&D sites; and for our field-based employees unless they qualify for an exemption. Employees and contractors with approved exemptions will be subject to regular testing. We also continue to reinforce the importance of mask wearing, frequent testing, handwashing, social distancing and other important safety measures among all employees consistent with government guidance.

We remain committed to doing our part for the communities we serve. Under the umbrella of the WHO-backed COVAX initiative, UNICEF is leading the work to distribute billions of vaccines to healthcare workers and vulnerable populations across the globe – and Novo Nordisk is determined to help.

By supporting the COVAX initiative, we can help ensure that vaccines are donated and delivered to countries that need them, and we can help strengthen healthcare systems to ensure the protection of healthcare workers and populations.

A: We already have a number of programs to support people who can’t afford their insulin that we believe are quite relevant during COVID-19.  At the same time, we recognize that there are many people who are losing their jobs and or their insurance.  People with diabetes using our insulin who have lost health insurance coverage because of a change in job status due to COVID-19 are eligible for enrollment in our Diabetes Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to receive insulin free-of-charge for 90 days, provided the program's eligibility requirements are met.

A: If someone is facing a loss of healthcare benefits, Novo Nordisk will not require documented proof of income to qualify. We will require documentation showing loss of healthcare benefits, such as through job termination notice or job status change, or notification that COBRA is being offered. And, in situations where required documentation is not quickly accessible and there is a risk of rationing, we have an Immediate Supply option available that may help by providing what amounts to a free, one-month supply (up to three vials or two packs of pens) for many.  

A: After the first 90-days, ongoing eligibility will be assessed including proof of Medicaid denial for coverage. We will contact the patient every 90 days to ensure no change in coverage/employment. Beyond the COVID-19 crisis, we will continue working with patients facing affordability challenges to identify potential long-term options from our existing affordability offerings.

A: Our criteria and enrollment processes are not changing for Medicare patients. More on those criteria can be found on

Novo Nordisk removed a requirement that Medicare Part D patients pay $1,000 in out of pocket prescription drug expenses before becoming eligible to participate in the Novo Nordisk Diabetes PAP. This change will expand access for eligible Medicare Part D patients to receive their Novo Nordisk medication at no cost.

A: Medicare recipients are government beneficiaries. CMS requires that once someone using Medicare is enrolled in a patient assistance program, they automatically have to remain in it for the rest of the year. It’s a different situation for someone losing commercial insurance. Medicaid offers support that keeps medicine and overall healthcare costs low during this time.

A: Complete information about every Novo Nordisk diabetes affordability option can be found on one website - (or by calling us at 1.844.NOVO4ME) - and many eligible patients can get a solution for medicines they need in minutes.