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Caroline R. Wagner is a graduate of the University of Miami RN BSN program and a Sr. Clinical Research Associate for Novo Nordisk since 2013. She acts as liaison for her assigned sites and is responsible for monitoring clinical trials to ensure patient safety and protocol adherence. Her diagnosis of gestational diabetes was a catalyst for her to reflect on her food choices and exercise regimen. Her goals in life are simple – to inspire others to get moving, raise three happy, healthy, resilient young adults with her loving husband, and to keep running for as long as she possibly can.

Caroline R. Wagner, Sr. Clinical Research Associate for Novo Nordisk

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Running to sweet success

1998 was going to be an amazing year. My husband and I were overjoyed to be expecting our first son. As a labor and delivery nurse I thought my pregnancy was going to be a textbook experience because I knew just what to expect.

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