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Our Hearts are with Houston

By Novo Nordisk US |  Published August 29 2017

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston hits close to home for us at Novo Nordisk. Houston is the first city where we established our Cities Changing Diabetes Program in the U.S. and where we currently employ people who dedicate each of their days to bringing change to diabetes patients. These employees, and the patients we serve, may currently be displaced from their homes as a result of the damage and ensuring their safety as well as assisting the many individuals in need in the Houston area is mission critical.

Following a disaster, no one living with diabetes should have to worry about getting the medicines they need. That’s why we’re working on the ground with long-time disaster relief partner, AmeriCares, for product donations (including our medicines) to non-profit organizations. All inquiries from non-profit organizations should be directed to AmeriCares via 800-486-HELP.

We’re also dedicated to providing relief to our impacted employees in the form of time off, product assistance, household relief and financial assistance as necessary for clothing, food and other items.

Finally, we’ll be matching employee contributions to the American Red Cross and we’re pledging $150,000 to the local Houston Health Foundation.

Even after Hurricane Harvey passes, we know the damage inflicted by the storm will last for weeks and months to come. Commitment to our community is strongest during these challenging times and our hearts are with Houston.

To learn more about what you can do to help the victims in Houston, several resources are provided here.

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